Marketo audit for Marketo maturity
James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


What’s your Marketo Maturity level?

Our favourite job in the world is helping our clients get the most out of Marketo and something we call ‘maturity’. Why maturity? Well, it takes the average company between 6-12 months to get up and running with just using Marketo for email marketing and landing pages. It also takes the average company 12-24 months to start thinking about data and how that can be managed within Marketo, and sadly that means some people never make it to the cool features like Social + Marketo, or Ad Bridge.

How can you measure ‘Maturity’?

Marketo has a great – albeit simple – checkbox maturity scale which is high level “am I using this feature?” methodology. Whilst this is great from a sales perspective it doesn’t give you a view on how well are you actually using the tool. We’ve tweaked it to make it a bit more intuitive, so you can see where you stand.

Here is why we measure differently

It’s a bit of a been there, done that scenario. Having had our fingers in a million [not literally] implementations, fixed dozens of bad implementations, and executed more campaigns than we can shake a stick at – we’ve seen a lot, and know the platform like the back of our hand.  That’s also why we love training clients on how to use the platform, as we think with the right attitude and ideas, you’ll get the most out of the platform.

So how do we do it? Simply put, we look at your Marketo subscription and we compare that to a model we’ve built that grades each feature, its nuances, and its advanced functionality and we audit if you are using it or not. This then gives us a feature by feature view of how well you’re using the platform.

Not to mention it gives us a great feel for where you can improve, with or without our help. Interested in knowing your Maturity Level?